• iContraception
    For Healthcare providers
    Tool to assist professionals
    to choose contraceptive methods.
  • iC
    Smash the bugs
    Augmented Reality simulator
    Smash them all!
  • iContraception
    Train your reflexes
    Left and right, touch and jump and make things right!

What we do

We are experts software programmers

Apps development

We design and develop Apps for smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android.

We’re continually developing new ideas. Nothing like a good challenge!


eHealth is a new tool to improve the quality of life of citizens.

It can include different types of applications, such as software to help healthcare professionals in their decision-making.


We love games, puzzles, photography... And if we add innovative technology such as Augmented Reality or image processing, we can achieve original and fun products.

Take a look at our Portfolio, where you can see what we have published so far.

some of our fruits

High-tech Fly
Space sharks
Retro effects
Climb the Money Tower
Under construction